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                Our Communities

                At NextEra Energy, we're passionate about making a positive impact on the communities we serve.

                Engaging with our Communities

                We strive to improve community engagement and foster strong ties to the communities in which we operate, which can lead to benefits for everyone. Since the founding of our company in 1925, we've been passionate about ensuring that our investments and operations have a positive impact on the communities we serve. That's why we're committed to:

                • Strengthening our communities by volunteering our time.
                • Supporting education at all levels to create and sustain a well-equipped workforce.
                • Driving economic development by investing billions in our nation's energy infrastructure, creating jobs and generating enough affordable, reliable and clean energy to power millions of homes and businesses.
                • Contributing to public safety by educating the public about our operations.
                • Engaging and partnering with our communities on issues of mutual concern.
                • Giving financially to important community causes.
                NexEra Energy Employee Volunteer

                Volunteer Work

                By contributing thousands of hours of volunteer work each year, our employees are making a difference in the communities we serve.

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                Wind Energy Education

                Supporting Education

                We're investing in the next generation of leaders by empowering students and supporting education initiatives at all grade levels.

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                Wind Site Construction

                Economic Development

                By stimulating infrastructure investment, job creation and community development, we're doing our part to strengthen local economies.

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                FPL Charitable donation

                Donations and Sponsorships

                We're committed to supporting the initiatives our communities care about most through charitable donations and community sponsorships.

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                FPL Safer Homes Fewer Burns Program

                Public Safety

                Safety always comes first, and we work every day to ensure the safety of our operations and the public's involvement in them.

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                Advocating for Good Public Policy

                We believe that good government benefits not only our company, but also our communities and our stakeholders.

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                Tribal Relations

                Our focus on the communities where we live and work includes building relationships with those who may have an interest in or be impacted by our projects, including federally recognized Native American tribes and Canadian indigenous communities. Our tribal/indigenous relations staff works with these communities in several ways:                                   

                • Issue avoidance and resolution: We actively work with tribal/indigenous communities in close proximity to projects throughout project development, construction and operation to identify, avoid and/or resolve potential issues that may arise, including cultural resource concerns.
                • Internal education: We provide education and training on cultural awareness and consultation regulations to enhance our employees' and contractors' knowledge of, and sensitivity to, Native American and indigenous practices, culture and traditions.
                • Local, regional and national tribal/indigenous community support: We support key organizations and facilitate Native American and indigenous vendor and personnel opportunities in an effort to positively impact those communities near our projects.
                • Business development: We work with a number of tribes/indigenous communities that wish to develop energy projects on their lands, or invest in energy infrastructure projects, which have the potential to provide economic benefits for these communities.

                In 2017 and 2018, our tribal/indigenous relations staff conducted a first-of-its-kind onsite collaboration with multiple tribes on several wind projects in the Dakotas, involving them in project studies throughout the development and construction process.  NextEra Energy's proactive approach is unique in the energy industry and has been widely recognized as one of the most effective in the country.

                *All metrics in this section are as of year-end 2018 unless otherwise noted.